DJ Switch ‘HHC Digital 004 Mix’

DJ Switch ‘HHC Digital 004 Mix’

A certified DMC champ himself, DJ Switch has put together a 30-minute mix of the best of this month’s MP3 action. The tracklist’s as follows – and keep reading for his comments on the mix and the link…

1. DJ Switch Scratch Intro
2. Breeze Evahflowin feat. Swave Sevah ‘Over’
3. Jay Are ‘The Lee Morgan Story’
4. DJ JS-1 feat. Large Professor ‘Like This’
5. Soundsci ‘The Remedy’
6. Juice Aleem feat. Jewels & Blackitude ‘Straight Outta BC’
7. Stoopz N Breeze feat. Baatin ‘The Set Up’
8. Will C ‘It Ain’t The ’80s’
9. Fresh Daily ‘Gotta Go’
10. LEGACY feat. Sean P, Phonte & Chaundon ‘TKO’
11. Trackademicks ‘Enjoy What You Do’

What’s your favourite track on the mix?
“It would probably be Soundsci’s ‘The Remedy’. It’s got that jazz vibe about it, and it’s also a straight-up track you can drop at the peak of the party.”

What’s the best blend on the mix?
“Going from ‘The Remedy’ into Straight Outta BC – the tracks just fit together so perfectly. I’m also really happy with the beat juggles I got out of the Fresh Daily track.”

Who in your opinion is the greatest ever DMC champion?
“Netik from France has been my favourite since day one simply because his cuts were just so distinctive and sharp, but watching Cash Money crowd rocking, he’s lost nothing – definitely the first and the best!”

What can people look out for from you music-wise over the next six months?
“Defending my world title in September, my residencies at Filthy Beats and Vote Hip-Hop, doing the ‘Concerto For Turntables And Orchestra’ tour, and general scratch-tastic goodness! And you can check out more online at the MySpace.”

Click here to cop the mix – and peep HHC Digital 004 by clicking here for complete MP3 versions of all the tracks featured and more!


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