OLD Review: The “The Gusto” b/w Wordsworth “Thanks For Coming Out”

From “Newrealm“:

(September 15, 2003)

Audessy the Sound Sci
“The Gusto” b/w
Wordsworth “Thanks For Coming Out”

Review by DJ Graffiti – WCBN – Ann Arbor, MI

Seven Heads releases a bonafide double A-side with this 12″ including Audessy the SoundSci’s, “The Gusto” B/W Wordsworth’s, “Thanks For Coming Out”. Both tracks are headnodders and each joint brings a different flavor to the table.

The A side “Gusto” featuring Apple Jac is a Southwestern sounding gem produced by Tone. Audessy and Apple Jac rip nicely over this one and both MC’s show how they bring Gusto with the beats and rhymes. Audessy brings a fierce flow that is balanced by Apple Jac’s smoothed out delivery. To top
it off the two borrow a line from D-Nice classic “My Name is D-Nice”, “Takin’ out you suckas and you don’t know how I did it”.

On the B side Wordsworth drops a dope ode to his fans, but truthfully every artist should feel this way about the folks who support them unconditionally. Production Heavyweight J Rawls provides the soundscape for Wordsworth to extend his gratitude. Adding balance to the 12″, “Thanks For
Coming Out” has a jazzy, smoothed out vibe that compliments the grimy feel of the A-side.

Both sides of this twelve are getting heavy rotation on my platters, don’t sleep!

by DJ Graffiti


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