HHC Shout Soundsci ‘Dig For Victory EP’

Soundsci ‘Dig For Victory EP’

Name-checked by The Herbaliser the other day, Soundsci’s ‘Dig For Victory’ EP is a premier slice of raw rap done the right way, with former Mass Influence man Audessey providing the vocals and ex-Dynamic Syncopation cat Jonny Cuba holding down the beats. Available on swanky red vinyl by clicking here, we checked in with the guys for a quick chat about the project (and nabbed a free MP3 in the process)…

How would you sum up the EP project?
Jonny Cuba:
“Like stepping into daylight after a long night.”
Audessey: “It’s just pure hip-hop; unfiltered, pure from the construction of the music to the rhymes and it will remind you why you fell in love with hip-hop in the first place.”

What’s your favourite track on it?
“‘Show & Prove’, because it makes me laugh.”
A: “I feel that I like ‘Remedy’ a lot because to me it gives you the total package – rhymes + beats + cuts = dope hip-hop, and this is our ‘remedy’ for folks who think/feel that hip-hop is dead, because if you listen to this you definitely won’t feel like it is and know that Soundsci will bring it dope every time like that – or doper if we can!”

Why should people spend their money on buying the EP?
“We spent our own hard earned nine-to-five loot making this record and didn’t cut any corners (shouts to No Sleep Nigel).”
A: “If you’re a new school, old school, or what I like to agree with a tag from KRS-One said ‘all school’, who loves dope hiphop then Soundsci is definitely a hip-hop for you.”


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