Soundsci is now available on the following digital vendors:



  • Flag-us iTunes U.S.
  • Flag-au iTunes Australia/N.Z.
  • Flag-ca iTunes Canada
  • Flag-eu iTunes UK/European Union
  • Flag-jp iTunes Japan

Other Stores

  • Flag-aod_us Amazon On Demand
  • Flag-rh Rhapsody
  • Flag-np Napster
  • Flag-em eMusic
  • Flag-gp IMVU
  • Flag-az Amazon MP3
  • Flag-ll Lala
  • Flag-sh Shockhound
  • Flag-as Amie Street
  • Flag-lw LimeWire Store
  • Flag-no Nokia

Bandcamp link can be found here.
More vendors will be added regularly as we get them.


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