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Audessey, one half of the group Soundsci, says their new EP “will remind you why you fell in love with Hip Hop in the first place.” That’s a big promise, and one that he and Jonny Cuba keep on their album Dig for Victory. The music is funky, and the flow is undeniable. In fact, the sounds of Soundsci may leave you reminiscing over a certain legendary duo from the recent past.

But the record isn’t retro. While Audessey and Cuba seem to take influences from groups such as Pete Rock and CL Smooth and Brand Nubian, they don’t come across as yearning for the 90s. The feel is fresh and vital. Cuba says it’s “like stepping into daylight after a long night.” Listen to “Remedy” or “Show and Prove,” and you’ll agree that the group produces pure Hip Hop.

Be careful though: while the songs have plenty of head-nodding beats, they may just motivate you to get up and move. DJ Ollie Teeba of The Herbaliser calls the record “dancefloor gravy.”

Real flows over funky breaks. What more could you want? How about some red vinyl? In True School tradition, Soundsci dropped Dig for Victory on wax – limited edition, hand numbered 12″ records – and they come with a free CD of all the tracks plus mp3s of the instrumentals and acapellas.


Check out the samples below.

Listen to EP Soundsci Snippets:

You can order the album via Crate Escape Records, or learn more at the Soundsci website.

Check out the full review and other information at LesiureLab  here !!!!


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