Sowl Productions Beats and Things…(Review of Soundsci)

23 Aug

Soundsci – Dig For Victory EP

Thought it was about time I made another album recommendation, here we go…

Soundscis Dig For Victory

Soundsci - Dig For Victory
Peep the tune The Remedy..

I ordered it a while back but hadn’t gotten round to listening to it properly until yesterday, and man, it rocks. True school hip-hop (or whatever you wanna call it) galore. I highly recommend that y’all grab this gem on vinyl before it’s sold out. You’ll still be able to grab the digital release if it is tho.. but vinyl is vinyl.


HHC Shout Soundsci ‘Dig For Victory EP’

Soundsci ‘Dig For Victory EP’

Name-checked by The Herbaliser the other day, Soundsci’s ‘Dig For Victory’ EP is a premier slice of raw rap done the right way, with former Mass Influence man Audessey providing the vocals and ex-Dynamic Syncopation cat Jonny Cuba holding down the beats. Available on swanky red vinyl by clicking here, we checked in with the guys for a quick chat about the project (and nabbed a free MP3 in the process)…

How would you sum up the EP project?
Jonny Cuba:
“Like stepping into daylight after a long night.”
Audessey: “It’s just pure hip-hop; unfiltered, pure from the construction of the music to the rhymes and it will remind you why you fell in love with hip-hop in the first place.”

What’s your favourite track on it?
“‘Show & Prove’, because it makes me laugh.”
A: “I feel that I like ‘Remedy’ a lot because to me it gives you the total package – rhymes + beats + cuts = dope hip-hop, and this is our ‘remedy’ for folks who think/feel that hip-hop is dead, because if you listen to this you definitely won’t feel like it is and know that Soundsci will bring it dope every time like that – or doper if we can!”

Why should people spend their money on buying the EP?
“We spent our own hard earned nine-to-five loot making this record and didn’t cut any corners (shouts to No Sleep Nigel).”
A: “If you’re a new school, old school, or what I like to agree with a tag from KRS-One said ‘all school’, who loves dope hiphop then Soundsci is definitely a hip-hop for you.”

URB Magazine:Next 1000

Soundsci was selected for Urb Magazine’s Next 1000 artist…

Soundsci :: Remedy


Reviewed by Dan Vidal

The minute the jazz-age horns for “Remedy” come on you can’t help but feel nostalgia for the golden age of sampling. This appears to be the M.O. of Johnny Cuba, the production half of the duo collectively known as Soundsci. Sounding like a deep-voiced Sadat X, Audessy, the MC half of the group, delivers good old fashioned wordplay and lighthearted lyricism. Head-nodding beats, imaginative flows and tight lyrics, what more could you ask for?

Click HERE to listen to “Remedy”.

OLD Review: The “The Gusto” b/w Wordsworth “Thanks For Coming Out”

From “Newrealm“:

(September 15, 2003)

Audessy the Sound Sci
“The Gusto” b/w
Wordsworth “Thanks For Coming Out”

Review by DJ Graffiti – WCBN – Ann Arbor, MI

Seven Heads releases a bonafide double A-side with this 12″ including Audessy the SoundSci’s, “The Gusto” B/W Wordsworth’s, “Thanks For Coming Out”. Both tracks are headnodders and each joint brings a different flavor to the table.

The A side “Gusto” featuring Apple Jac is a Southwestern sounding gem produced by Tone. Audessy and Apple Jac rip nicely over this one and both MC’s show how they bring Gusto with the beats and rhymes. Audessy brings a fierce flow that is balanced by Apple Jac’s smoothed out delivery. To top
it off the two borrow a line from D-Nice classic “My Name is D-Nice”, “Takin’ out you suckas and you don’t know how I did it”.

On the B side Wordsworth drops a dope ode to his fans, but truthfully every artist should feel this way about the folks who support them unconditionally. Production Heavyweight J Rawls provides the soundscape for Wordsworth to extend his gratitude. Adding balance to the 12″, “Thanks For
Coming Out” has a jazzy, smoothed out vibe that compliments the grimy feel of the A-side.

Both sides of this twelve are getting heavy rotation on my platters, don’t sleep!

by DJ Graffiti