F99 LP Cover preview…


Just a preview of the LP cover for the F99 project. Super shout to Mr.Krum for the dopness.

Also check out the audio snippets of the 45 featuring Oxygen (Sputnik Brown) on “In A Flash” and on the B-Side Soundsci’s own U-George blast through with a solo joint called “Class in Session”.



The rules are simple, remix any track of your choice using the acapella’s provided (we’ve tagged the bpm’s on the end for ease). You can listen to the originals here www.soundsci.bandcamp.com (if you purchase the release you’ll get an additional 3 acapella’s all of which can be used too). Then submit your remix to info@crateescaperecords.com

You have until the Monday 18th January to send your remix, with the winner being chosen by Soundsi and featured on a future release, sample clearance permitting, not that we’d advocate that sort of thing obviously 😉 In submitting it you agree to us putting it up on bandcamp so listeners can also judge for themselves and to be as fair to each producer as possible, please also include credits and contact details if you would like them listed. Audessey and U-George will also record a track for free for the winner as a prize or Jonny will make you a beat if you rap too, can’t say fairer than that!

Click here to download the instruments and a FREE remix of “Remedy” by JonnyCuba.

That’s all there is to it, good luck!

Rewelacyjny Luciano – Beyond Lounge: Soundsci Review

Soundsci – Dig For Victory EP (2009)

2009 is a good year for rap for at least two reasons. The first one is the new P.U.T.S. LP and the second one is the superb EP from a duo called SoundSci.

SoundSci are former members of Dynamic Syncopation (known for a killer LP released by Ninja Tune) and Mass Influence. 7 tight tracks blending the best of British and US rap. Hot beats with some heavy samples, brilliant flow and precise cuts – nothing more and nothing less. The EP sounds like stuff that Breakin’
Bread fans will definitely enjoy. It also features a couple of guests, which I’ve not heard before. Also Herbaliser fans will like the tracks as Ollie Teeba is also featured on the record.

Pressed on red vinyl and hand numbered. I got 105 / 275. It’s a shame that Misty hadn’t told me earlier because the first 100 copies included a bonus CD packed with sounds for a remix contest.

SoundSci were so nice that the opening numbers is available for free on www.soundsci.com. You definitely need to check this because it’s off the hook! Dynamite!

For Beyond Lounge I chose a different track which suits it better a bit more of a couch surfing experience.
Keep a look out for an LP – hopefully we’ll live to see one. Let’s hope that a Polish record store distributes “Dig For Victory” soon. Such limited releases tend to disappear quickly…(Cuba, if you’re reading this than the last sentence is meant for you!).

Over and out,