SPOX-PHD “Brillance” “Four Times Raw” Feat. SADAT X/DIAMOND/KURIOUS!!! OUT NOW!!!!!!!

I was lucky enough to be one of the fortunate folks out there to get my copies of this delicious audible treat from Oxygen the other day in the post. I opened my mailbox and saw it there in the post and was like “YESSSS!!!!!!!”. I ran up my driveway into the house and up into the lab and put it on decks, powered up the console and sat back and enjoyed some good, dope hiphop music. If your lucky to bump into him (if you live in NYC) or if you are lucky enough to order it online then I will assure you that you will not be disappointed with your purchase. I know I put up the previous folks but grabbed this one off of Ox’s crackbook page and wanted to show you all the cover art for the 7’inch.

If any radio or club DJ’s are interested in audio files of the SPOX PhD release, please let him know.When ya do please show your show name, station, affiliation, etc. would be helpful. Simply email your information to: i.originate.they.duplicate@gmail.com. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! Spam will be instantly blocked and reported.

ALSO he is currently setting up show dates in the UK and EU beginning the end of February/start of March 2012 and looking to connect with serious artists & producers for possible features, show interviews, etc. He can be reached at the email address above.

Once again…Here to remind you why you fell in love with hiphop.

Signing off…