Hailing from the island of St.Thomas in the Virgin Islands U-George is truly a rare and exotic treat like an island fruit. He represents not only his calypso roots from Jamaica, but his true school hip hop roots tracing back to Brooklyn. Living in Brooklyn in his youth he was influenced by the likes of the Zulu Nation for which he witness and rhymed in various block parties where he heard the Dynamic Rockers and the legendary Juice Crew. Going back and forth between New York and St.Thomas he was playing “quelbe” music with his family on many holidays for which the likes of the Burning Spear, Steel Pulse, and the The Mighty Sparrow all helped and shaped the style for which his main objective was to be keen and clear with his lyrics, but not go over the heads of people so that he would not be misunderstood.

In 1993, he moved to Georgia where four years later linked up with Tariq L to form the Atlanta underground hit maker “The Hemisphere”. During his time he recorded such gems as “Gunslinga” (on Rent Money Records), “I Ain’t Watchin’ You”, and “The Runaway” (on Subverse Records). After recording “I Ain’t Watchin’ You” with Shaman Works in 2005 U-George decided to take his life in another direction to focus on family and self but now has reemerged as a member of the SOUNDSCI crew where he was featured on the “Dig For Victory” EP on “The ?”. Later on he became a main stay of the crew and his influences are clearly heard on the “Formula 99” LP. On deck coming up is his well awaited EP to be released in 2012. Truly, he is the type of artist that once you hear one song of his you will truly appreciate the range, depth and a rare talent he truly is.


1993: “They Call Me Uncle”, LP, Treeline Productions
1999: Treeline Productions Presents, The Hemisphere, EP
????: Rent Money Records, The Hemisphere,song “Gunslinga”
????: Subverse Records compilation, The Hemisphere,song “Runaway”
2001: 404 Music Group/Soundright Music, The Hemisphere, “Performing Artz”,LP
2001: Lyricist Lounge and Echo Unlimited, “Underground Airplay 1.0” song: “Time”
2002: Subverse, The Hemisphere, “Blacked Out”,EP
2003: Science of Life, The Hemisphere, “Project Overground”,LP
2005: Shaman Work Compilation, U-George,song “I Ain’t Watchin’ You”


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